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Mighty easy with MightyWELL 


We've simplified the process.

The Preventative MEC+ HSA +Healthshare covers your preventive care at 100%.

We then enhance it with our Accident & Living Benefits coverage and voila you have the best, most affordable healthcare value in America! 

MightyWELL Plans

for you, your family and/or your employees


The Preventative MEC is a popular solution for those looking for Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan: Preventive care is key in keeping your workforce healthy. By offering your employees a Preventive Basic plan, all their preventive care is covered 100%. The plan covers immunizations, mammograms, colonoscopies, female wellness exams, telemedicine, diet counseling, screenings, and prescription discounts. 

Preventative HSA Plans: Are ideal for healthy families who want to keep up on their preventive care. Preventive HSA plan offers free health savings account administration, allowing employees to pay for health services with pre-tax income.

Healthshare Memberships: Pair your MEC plan with a HealthShare membership for a comprehensive healthcare solution. As a HealthShare member, you'll feel confident knowing any large medical events like hospitalizations, surgeries, and maternity needs can be shared shared. Have peace of mind knowing your family has a plan for unexpected medical needs.

MightyWELL Accident Plan: Is simply designed to cover treatments performed within 45 days of accidents. Combined with our full plan you’ll have the peace of mind knowing every aspect of your well-being is covered.


Living Benefits: In the event of a major Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness a cash benefit can be accessed to pay for care, travel, loss of income or any expense you choose. 

Need additional coverage? We got you.

Let's fund your preventative Health Saving Account HSA and save even more on Dental & Vision!





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and smart brushes.

Affordable, expert vision care
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