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Benefits for


 ✓ Lower premiums  

   ✓  No out-of-network

   ✓  No deductibles

   ✓  No co-insurance

   ✓  Simple enrollment

Benefits for Practitioners: 

 ✓  No network restrictions

 ✓  Simple enrollment

 ✓  Group billing

 ✓  Faster payments  

  ✓  24/7 Member Support

  • How many employees do I need to have?
    Businesses need to have a minimum of 1 employee and can include spouses and dependents enrolled in the plan.
  • What if my business already has healthcare through a PEO?
    No problem. You can keep your PEO for everything except health benefits and get them from us. It’s common for customers to “carve-out” benefits and keep the rest with their PEO. Every dollar counts in this market.
  • How do I check if my doctor is "In- Network"?
    We offers all-access plans, meaning all providers are considered ‘in-network.’ There are no restrictions nationwide.
  • Who can become a healthcare member?
    Anyone. We provide health benefits to individuals and businesses nationwide with no social security restrictions. There is no restrictions for who becomes a member, however please discuss any pre-exisiting conditions and terms of service with your healthcare advisor prior to acceptance. Please review our:
  • Are you a PEO?
    No, we are not a PEO. We are a healthcare company that provides value-based health insurance and healthcare programs to small and large businesses. Like a PEO, we do: Assist small business owners with benefits administration and other HR functions Offer health plans to businesses that are often cheaper than traditional, fully- insured plans Unlike a PEO, we do not: Serve as the official employer for our clients’ employees Completely take over our clients’ HR tasks, such as payroll and benefits administration
  • Do you offer vision and dental?
    Yes, you can get dental and vision plan offered and by using your Health Saving Account can receive incredible discounts.
  • How much money will we save by switching?
    Each business will depend on various factors, but we find that it’s common for our customers to save up to 40-60% when they switch.
  • How does the Healthshare save money?
    We negotiate pricing with providers according to objective, industry-accepted metrics. By reducing provider markups, premiums become more manageable. We also provide level-funded plans, which allow you to receive a credit or refund if you do not spend what was budgeted in your premiums. Small businesses can deduct the cost of employee premiums from their federal tax filings. Depending on your situation, additional tax credits may be available.
  • Will you help manage our plan?
    Yes! The dashboard allows employers and administrators to easily add new employees, update contact information, adjust benefits (such as when an employee has a Qualifying Life Event), or remove employees from the plan. You can also reach out to our expert customer success team for assistance.
  • Do all of my employees need to be located in the same state?
    Employees can be located anywhere in the U.S., there are no state restrictions on using your health plan nationally or internationally. We also may include 1099 employees provide a monthly payment gateway is in place.
  • Can we switch before the end of the year or before the open enrollment period?
    You aren’t required to stay with your current health insurance and can switch at any time throughout the plan year. Yes, the soon the better!

Simply restoring the doctor, patient relationship.

Now health practitioners can offer patients the best in traditional and alternative health services.

Give your employees and members access to a custom

Healthcare Benefits HUB

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What is a Healthshare?

HealthShare programs have grown as a low-cost alternative to health insurance. A HealthShare is a group of people who have agreed to help each other with medical costs.


While insurance companies usually pay a percentage of medical costs after the deductible, HealthShares will share up to 100% of medical expenses after the initial member responsibility amount is paid.


What is a Healthshare IUA and how does it work?

Members will select an Initial Unshareable Amount, or IUA. This is the amount members are responsible for paying when a medical need occurs. There are multiple IUA options to choose from: $1000, $2500, or $5000. Unlike a traditional insurance deductible, members pay a single IUA for all eligible medical expenses, per incident. This offers members some reassurance for unforeseen medical needs.

HealthShare also shares in holistic and alternative medical treatments, allowing members freedom from the constraints of traditional health insurance.

Healthshare fills the gaps.

Pair your Base Health plan with a HealthShare membership for a comprehensive healthcare solution. As a HealthShare member, you'll feel confident knowing any large medical events like hospitalizations, surgeries, and maternity needs can be shared shared. HealthShare is a nonprofit medical HealthShare program that provides an organized structure for members to contribute toward each other’s medical costs. This alternative solution is the perfect addition to any of our Base Health plans. Have peace of mind knowing your family has a plan for unexpected medical needs.

Healthshare is value-based healthcare.

  • Accepting – Membership is available to people of all faiths

  • Accessible – Membership is available regardless of health conditions (subject to limitation)

  • Efficient – Medical prices are transparent and can be paid at time of service or processed within 7 days of submission 

  • Organized for members to pay qualified medical expenses

  • Affordable 40% – 60% less expensive than insurance 

  • Greater freedom to choose treatment options and providers 

  • Designed to restore the patient/doctor relationship 

Example of family medical expenses during a year

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.23.29 AM.png
Preventative Service Guide
Pre Existng Medical Conditions Guide

Preventive Services Guide

  • Annual Provider Visit shareable upon membership activation up to $250 may be used for preventive visits & specialist visits.

  • Colonoscopies are shareable after six months of continuous membership. Colonoscopies are shareable every 10 years starting at age 45

  • Mammograms A yearly preventive mammogram is shareable beginning at age 50

  • Youth Immunizations (up to 18 years old) are shareable after six months of continuous membership

  • Well Child Visits and their associated immunizations are shareable Zion Health will share in up to six (6) well child visits before the age of 12 months, three (3) between 12 months and 24 months, and two (2) between 24
    months and 36 months.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Guide

A preexisting medical condition is any illness or injury for which a person has been examined within the last 24 months

  • Been diagnosed

  • Taken medication

  • Had symptoms

  • Received medical treatment


*IMPORTANT NOTE: Preexisting Exceptions – High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes (types 1 and 2) will not be considered preexisting medical conditions as long as the member has not been hospitalized for the condition in the 12 months prior to enrollment and is able to control it through medication or diet. 


Pre-Existing Condition Phase-In Period

shareable amounts for pre-existing medical conditions: 

  • Year One: $0 (12 month waiting period)

  • Year Two: $25,000 maximum per need request

  • Year Three: $50,000 maximum per need request

  • Year Four & Plus Years : $125,000 maximum per need request

Pre-Existing Phase-In-Period Conditions
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