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Join our mission to make quality healthcare
understandable, accessible
and affordable for all.

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Build the Future

Healthcare is broken. The only way we’re going to do anything better than the status quo is to throw away the status quo. We don’t follow the way things have been done. We build what should be done.

Be Clear

We communicate clearly with each other, our members, and our partners. We are upfront and authentic. We simplify complex statements and ideas so everyone can understand.

Empower Others

This is an environment of teamwork. We support each other in order to succeed. We support our members and give them the information they need to make good decisions.

Align Incentives

As a company, we align the incentives and goals of our customers, members, partners, and providers. If we always look for a win-win, we naturally lose the negative incentive to do the wrong thing. We’ll always end up in a better place.


Deliver benefits
your clients will love.

Partner with us to offer your groups affordable health benefits. Sell superior plans to help your clients save on premiums and easily manage benefits, all while keeping their preferred providers.

Register for our weekly sales trainings
every Monday at 9AM CST & Friday at 9AM CST


Get our partner sales guide.

Download our Partner Sales Guide to make selling a breeze. Learn about our health plan offerings, All-Access network, customer support, and more.

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