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Living Benefits are designed to maintain your families quality of life when you need it most.

In the event of a major chronic, critical or terminal Illness a cash benefit can be accessed to pay for care, travel, loss of income or any expense you choose. 

Compare Traditional Critical Illness vs Term Life with Living Benefit

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Chronic Illness –  Eligible insured is unable to perform 2 of 6 activities of daily living for a period of at least 90 days or requires constant supervision to protect from threats to health or safety due to severe cognitive impairment.

Critical Illness –  Eligible insured is diagnosed with one or more of 15 critical illnesses. (see list below) 

Terminal Illness –  Eligible insured is diagnosed with an illness or condition that is expected to result in death within 24 months or less. (12 months in FL and NY)

Living benefits that work perfectly to give you the most value.


Living benefit, qualifying conditions and events

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Example Rates - Term Insurance with Living Benefits *

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* Sample Standard Non-Smoker Rates Individual Rates will vary depending on underwriting

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