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"Never Pay the First Bill!"

ZDOGG MD Podcast: Listen how Marshall Allen explains how you can fight unfair medical bills and WIN in his book, "Never Pay the First Bill".

Key Topics: 0:00 Intro: Marshall’s work exposing the abuse of front line healthcare professionals during the early pandemic 2:47 Marshall’s work at the Las Vegas Sun exposing the abuse of foreign medical graduates on J-1 Visa programs 10:26 “Normalization of deviance” in US healthcare, exposing it with Dr. Marty Makary, and the most amazing hospital experience Marshall’s had 14:50 New U.S. hospital price transparency rules and how & why hospitals aren’t complying 16:09 Why you should care about healthcare costs even if your employer is “paying,” and how even doctors get screwed when they become patients despite their knowledge of the system 19:49 Who is the REAL customer in healthcare and why the big legacy players almost never side with the patient/consumer, the $10,000 COVID test, medical loss ratios and insurance shenanigans, and the epidemic of unnecessary care/surprise bills 28:52 Fighting back with a secret weapon: suing in small claims court for unfair medical bills 35:35 A case example of small claims victory, and the use of gag orders by health systems to silence patients who win 38:39 Self-insured employers are the key to healthcare reform, if they would just act (why you don’t NEED government single payer to cover everyone) 43:34 The nature of disruptive innovation in healthcare with winners and losers, parallels to journalism’s disruption by the internet 47:28 Demand an itemized bill, always 51:39 Centers of Excellence model and how companies adopt it to save money and improve quality while encouraging innovation 54:36 Why employers are resistant to change and why they can’t afford to be any longer

We can, and MUST, fight back against opaque and predatory medical bills. Here's how. Links to Marshall Allen's book, audio podcast, transcript, and more:

At Catalyst Insurance Group we are positioned to help individuals and families with consumer-driven plans that work to help keep the medical industry honest and transparent. See how our agents are helping to empower Americans with real knowledge and information.


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