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The Affordable Care Act: Has it Worked?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare has been a polarizing political topic as well as a polarizing product in the marketplace for health insurance. The argument continues to take place on whether health insurance should be a right. We would like to look at the facts of this and answer the question of whether or not ObamaCare has worked or has been a huge disappointment.

March 2021 marked the 11 year anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law. It was touted as “affordable” and a way that would cut healthcare costs of a typical family by $2500 a year. Supporters of the bill also promised that it would drastically reduce the number of uninsured individuals within the U.S. Let’s take a look at these claims and the data.

First, does ObamaCare reduce health insurance costs by $2500 a year for the typical family? The answer is not only no, but it is the exact opposite. Since 2013, premiums have doubled for individual plans. The average individual market premiums in 2013 were $2784 per year. According to, by 2017 those premiums had shot up to $5712 which is a 105% increase. Many individuals, whether business owners or independent workers, saw a drastic increase in their premiums. Many were also hit with a tax penalty for “earning too much” which caused many people to shop or pivot to independent health insurance agencies. In the simplest terms, the Affordable Care Act became very unaffordable.

Second ObamaCare promised to drastically decrease the number of uninsured individuals. Has this happened? Unfortunately the answer is no. There are still roughly 28 million Americans without insurance and with the individual mandate being repealed in 2017, that number only continues to climb. Why is this happening? Simply put, there are too many people without subsidies who can afford coverage.

Last, there was the promise by the Obama administration that “if you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period.” After ObamaCare was enacted millions of people were unable to keep their pre-ObamaCare plans. ObamaCare was too disruptive for the market. Coverage mandates caused a reported 4.7 million health insurance cancellations.

At Catalyst Insurance Group we are experts in navigating this complex world of government healthcare vs. private insurance groups. We will help you navigate the world of private insurance and help you pick plans that work best for you and/or your family. The best part of all….it really is an affordable healthcare plan.

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