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New York Times: Hospital Greed is Destroying Our Nurses. Here's why.

Repost: In the Opinion Video above, nurses set the record straight about the root cause of the nursing crisis: chronic understaffing by profit-driven hospitals that predates the pandemic. “I could no longer work in critical care under the conditions I was being forced to work under with poor staffing,” explains one nurse, “and that’s when I left.” They also tear down the common misconception that there’s a shortage of nurses. In fact, there are more qualified nurses today in America than ever before.

To keep patients safe and protect our health care workers, lawmakers could regulate nurse-patient ratios, which California put in place in 2004, with positive results. Similar legislation was proposed and defeated in Massachusetts several years ago (with help from a $25 million “no” campaign funded by the hospital lobby), but it is currently on the table in Illinois and Pennsylvania. These laws could save patient lives and create a more just work environment for a vulnerable generation of nurses, the ones we pledged to honor and protect at the start of the pandemic.


So why is this information important to know when choosing a healthcare advocate to help you navigate your medical decisions?

We care about what's happening in the medical industry because we know there are many decisions that come into play when carrying for you and your family's health. Really understanding what abuse is happening in the medical industry may cause one to seek and make more informed decisions. When learning about such trends, we can arm policy holders with information that may cause people to rethink the question, "How do I take better care of myself to lessen the odds a medical emergency?" and "Does my insurance offers alternative solutions to care that help in shifting the ways in which the medical industry cares for its patients?" The answer is, "yes".

For years we've been talking about how the "healthcare cartel" is debilitating the public financially and the root cause of so many medical injustices. Now finally nurses are beginning to speak up about the gross misuse of funds due to the greed of corporate administrators and are willing to stand up in court.

With consumer-driven indemnity plans, patients are more inclined to ask questions, seek solutions and improve experiences when visiting their doctor or during an emergency. Transparency, affordability and most of all the vehicle to hold doctors, hospitals and clinics accountable.

Spread the word. Share this with your clients, friends and family.

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